Southern Hemisphere Assessment of PalaeoEnvironments (SHAPE) International Focus Group Workshop: Southern Hemisphere climate of the present and past


How to arrive at the conference and school venue

 1. By Metro (subway)

The closest Metro station to the Faculty (Beauchef campus) is Toesca Station, on Line 2.

From Toesca Station, find the exit in the western direction and walk a block down the street of the same name as the station to the street “Ejercito Libertador”. Arriving at the intersection, turn left in the southern direction for three blocks until reaching Ave. Blanco Encalada. Once there, turn right and go one more block, reaching the intersection “Vergara” street. Cross Ave. Blanco Encalada to enter the Beauchef campus through the Geology building located in Plaza Ercilla 803; or by Ave. Blanco Encalada 2002, where the Civil Engineering and Geophysics building is located.


2. By Bus (Transantiago)

Transantiago bus routes that pass by the Beauchef campus are: 

– 506: from Maipú to Peñalolen, that passes down Ave. Blanco Encalada. This is useful for those that are coming from Maipú (Ave. Pajaritos), Estación Central (Ave. 5 de Abril), Santiago Centro (Ave. Matta), Ñuñoa (Ave. Grecia) and Peñalolén (Ave. Grecia).

– 507: from Pudahuel to Peñalolén, which also goes down Ave. Blanco Encalada. Serves those coming from the neighborhoods of Pudahuel (Ave. José Joaquín Pérez), Quinta Normal (Ave. Mapocho & Ave. Matucana), Santiago Centro (Ave. España & Av. Matta), Ñuñoa (Ave. Grecia) & Peñalolén (Ave. Grecia).

3. By Bicycle

There are various cycle routes that pass quite close to the Beauchef campus on Club Hípico and Ave. Matta in downtown. Within the school there are spaces to park bikes.

4. Car Parking

The Beauchef campus does not have guest parking. Limited parking can be found on the bordering campus streets of Tupper, Almirante Latorre, José Miguel Carrera, Domeyko and Claudio Gay, among others.


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